How to decorate cakes without tools

How to decorate a cake without tools

Decorating a cake without traditional tools and a turntable can be a creative challenge, but it’s certainly possible to achieve beautiful results.

First thing first, if you need a good sponge cake to use as base, check out my gluten-free white cake recipe (just remove the apples) or the chocolate cake recipe (without adding chocolate chips on top).

Here are a few ideas and techniques to decorate a cake without tools:

  1. Frosting techniques: Use a spoon or butter knife to spread frosting smoothly over the cake. You can create different textures by using the back of the spoon or the edge of the knife.
  2. Natural decorations: Look for edible flowers, herbs, or fruits that can be used as decorations. Arrange them on top of the cake or around the edges for an elegant and natural look.
  3. Piping without a piping bag: If you don’t have a piping bag, you can create your own makeshift version. Fill a sturdy clean plastic bag with frosting, seal it, and snip off a small corner to create a makeshift piping bag. This allows you to pipe simple designs or write messages on the cake.
  4. A regular butter knife or even a fork can be used to create patterns or smooth the frosting on the cake. A spatula, if available, will make it easier to achieve smooth finishes and precise edges.

So, how exactly can we decorate our cakes at home? Here’s some examples of how easy it is to create a cute cake, taken from Pinterest.

Ideas with blueberries, strawberries, raspberry, rosemary, and a lot of whipped cream:

Agrumes and their leaves:

Easy looks that can be recreated with chocolate chips, meringues, or store bought sprinkles:

Flowers and nature elements (make sure they are edible!) :

Do you have any other idea or special tricks? I would love to know! Leave a comment here on drop me a message on Instagram!

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