Gluten-free Christmas cookies

Gluten-free cookies to give for Christmas

If you are wondering what to give your friends and loved ones for Christmas, this list of gluten-free cookies might be of help.

All these recipes of cookies are perfect to give as gifts for the Holiday season, ranging from gingerbread men to adorable cat shaped cookies. They are all easily packaged up and will be very much appreciated from your friends and family. Giving cookies as gifts might seem old-fashioned, but in today’s consumistic society, a homemade box/bag of cookies can mean far more than what you think.

Are cookies a good gift for Christmas?

Cookies are ALWAYS a good idea for Christmas, as well as other edible gifts. The list include also homemade jams, chutneys, chocolates…

What is a good gift for a gluten free person?

Gluten-free cookies could be a good idea for your gluten-free friends, but please always remember about cross-contamination. If the receiver is coeliac and/or really sensitive to gluten, you must pay attention to not use any wooden tools, bowls or other that has been in touch with gluten. Moreover, make sure to clean your oven before baking the gluten-free goods, if you have baked “normal” ones before. Also make sure to buy only certified gluten-free ingredients (the package must have the mention “gluten-free”).

Vegan and gluten-free gingerbread cookies

Gingerbread men

The most classic Christmas cookie recipe, can be shaped into a lot of different subjects.

Gluten-free Christmas cookies

Almond shortbread cookies

This is a very simple but delicious recipe that allows you to create several different cookies with only one dough.

Cat butter cookies

Cat shaped cookies

Perfect for your pet lover friends, these multi colored cookies will generate a lot of joy!

Italian almond paste cookies with leftover almonds on the background

Almond paste cookies

Typical of the Italian tradition, these soft cookies requires only 3 ingredients and will surprise the receiver.

Gluten free granola cookies

Granola cookies

An old classic that everyone loves.

Breakfast cookies in a glass jar on wooden table

Chestnut cookies

A hearty and delicious cookie perfect for dunking.

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