Homemade gluten free gifts

Homemade Gluten-free gifts

Homemade gluten-free gifts are the perfect presents for your loved ones, family and friends (even for not gluten-free people, as nobody will notice the difference). Especially if you can’t taste the difference with the “traditional” ones containing wheat.

Firstly, people love receiving food above all other things.
Secondly, you can make most of the homemade gifts here listed with things you already have in your pantry.
And most importantly, you can reuse all those glass jar and pots you are keeping for years in the corner of the kitchen.

Gluten free brownies in a jar

First things first, the homemade gluten-free gift I make almost every year for all my friends and family. We are talking about BROWNIES in a jar. Ingredients are very easy to find (they most likely are already in your pantry). You can swap the flour for any flour you have on hand (because there is a very small amount of it). For example with chestnut flour they come out very good. And no one will notice they are gluten free because the amount of flour in the recipe is very small. I usually use the recipe by Sarah from Snixi Kitchen >>> SEE THE RECIPE

If you layer the ingredients thinking about the colors they have, you will get a very nice result as you can see in the first pic.

Homemade jam

As you may imagine, summer is the best moment to make homemade jams. Plenty of fruits are in their peak season and full of sweetness. But there is something you can do also in December to give as Christmas gift. You still have apples and kiwi in season. With apples, I like to make what I call “Strudel jam”. It’s a classic apple jam (like this one) but enriched with roasted pine nuts, cinnamon powder and raisins. But with kiwi, you can make this spicy jam (GET THE RECIPE) perfect with cheese.

Easy homemade vanilla extract

A vanilla extract ideal to bake cakes and cupcakes. I do this for myself throughout the year and when mine’s well flavored and dark in color, I start new ones to give as gifts. This is also a great way to reuse the vanilla beans once emptied from the seeds. And since good vanilla beans are very expensive, I’m glad I can have a second use for them! Also, to be as much as sustainable as I can, I usually don’t buy new bottles to do this, but re-use old jars I have from previously finished jams. >>> GET THE RECIPE

Soups in a jar

Talking about savoury homemade gluten-free gifts, Cassie from Wholfully share six different soups to prepare in layers in a jar. The receiver will only have to add water and bring to boil for a comforting winter meal. Make sure to swap out the noodles with a gluten free version, and replace the barley in the Italian Soup with sorghum or rice. The coconut curry soup is my favorite one! >>> SEE THE RECIPES

Homemade gluten-free cookie mix in a jar

Right from The Bojon Gourmet an easy recipe of teff flour cookie mix in a jar, perfect for those friends who always crave cookies. Fill the jar with all the ingredients in layer for a cute effect, then attach a card with the instructions along with your wishes. >>> GET THE RECIPE

Homemade Seasoning blend

Nine different recipes from the Tasty Thin to create your own homemade spices mix. Chili, mediterranean, Italian, pumpkin spice…choose your favorite recipe, buy your ingredients in bulk and mix them to make your individual gifts. >>> GET THE RECIPE

Gluten-free Cookies

Lastly, for your friends who don’t enjoy cooking but really like to eat cookies, prepare small gift bags with freshly baked cookies.

For an easy shortbread enriched with almonds meal, you can use my cookie recipe. >>> GET THE RECIPE

To bake a lot of cookies at the same time, choose my chestnut rustic recipe, delicious to dunk in hot chocolate >>> GET THE RECIPE

For a dairy-free and gluten-free treat, try these meringues with hazelnuts, they are very special and remain crunchy and fresh for a long time >>> GET THE RECIPE

Homemade gluten free gifts
Homemade gluten free gifts

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