Best naturally gluten free bread recipes on the internet

Best sourdough based gluten free bread recipes

Looking for a naturally gluten free bread recipe can be difficult and frustrating. Many recipe recall for impossible to find pre-mixed flours, gums or cheese (say whaat?). Or they have long and complicated process to make. 

However, in the last years I managed to find some very good recipes that I always stick to when craving carbs and especially a slice of fresh baked bread. 

As a result, I share here a list of my favorite ones, divided in sourdough ones and dry/fresh yeast ones. They are all made of simple ingredients, easy to put together and delicious to eat.

Sourdough based gluten free bread recipes 

  1. Directly from Copenhagen, the two amazing ladies behind H.U.G. Bakery shared on Facebook this amazing vegan buns recipe. They have a starch free and gum free dough, and most importantly I always change the flours with what I have on hand and they come out PERFECT every time! >>> GET THE RECIPE

  2. Shelley in her blog Shelly’s humble kitchen has this very straight forward recipe for a bigger gluten free vegan bread loaf made with brown rice flour, oat flour or millet flour, tapioca starch, and sorghum flour or buckwheat. Likewise, no gum in this recipe, too. Moreover, you will find all the steps to create your very own gluten free sourdough starter in the same article >>> GET THE RECIPE

  3. This seeded version develope by Thea from Baking Magique is the ideal alternative if you are looking for a more whole-grain, multi-cereals kind of bread loaf. Made out of rice flour, oat flour, buckwheat flour, corn starch, potato starch and above all, lots of seeds! It requires to pre-mix a part of the dough the day before. But it’s totally worth it! >>> GET THE RECIPE

  4. Chantal from Fresh is Real is the go-to source to learn from scratch everything related to the gluten free sourdough world. She offers plenty of videos and well detailed articles to feel reassured during this journey. This recipe is perfect if you need a more compact loaf to make avocado toast. >>> GET THE RECIPE

Yeast based gluten free bread recipes

  1. If you have been in the gluten free baking world for a while, you certainly have heard of Aran Goyoaga, author of Cannelle et Vanille, an amazing cook book with several gluten free recipes. This honey and olives bread vegan recipe is excerpted from that same book and you will find also a video of the whole process. It’s the one pictured at the end of this article. I made this also without olives and it works good as well. >>> GET THE RECIPE 

  2. An artisan style loaf recipe by Kat from The Loopy Whisk that can be kneaded and shaped. Something quite unusual in gluten-free baking. It’s vegan and made with  buckwheat flour, potato starch, brown rice flour. This loaf comes together easily and results in a soft, chewy crumble. >>> GET THE RECIPE

  3. Another option when I need sandwich bread is this recipe by Nicole, Gluten Free on a Shoestring. It requires eggs to obtain a very soft texture. I usually omit the xantham gum required with no failure until now. >>> GET THE RECIPE

In conclusion, if you want to try a recipe of mines, I have here on the blog a extremely simple rice sandwich recipe, with few ingredients for a very soft result. >>> GET THE RECIPE

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  1. Hi Marta,

    When you make the soft bread from Gluten Free on a Shoestring, do you replace the xanthan gum with anything? Does it turn out similar to the picture?


    • Hi Allison,
      I just omit it. Whenever there are eggs in the dough, I feel confident to leave gums out. It turns out really similar to the picture!

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  4. Thanks for sharing these! It’s great to have a collection of both sourdough and yeasted bread recipes to try out!

  5. Hi Marta,

    It’s very kind of you to refer to my recipe. Your blog is beautiful, looking forward to explore your recipes. Thank you!

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