Convert cake recipes into gluten-free

How to convert cake recipes into gluten-free


If you are here, you are probably wondering how to convert cake recipes into GLUTEN-FREE. In these last years baking, I developed a system to easily make this conversion.

This basic mix regards the conversion of simple wheat cake flour into a blend of three naturally gluten-free flours and starches. The ingredients are fine rice flour, potato starch and tapioca or corn starch.

Moreover, the possible addition of thickeners must be evaluated recipe by recipe and is not always necessary. This blend works well in every recipe that also involves eggs. For vegan recipes, you might need some binder, like psyllium husk.

table of conversion from wheat flour into gluten-free flours

So hereโ€™s the simple system to make the conversion:

  1. Take the whole weight of standard flour required, divide by 9 and multiply by 3 > use this weight of RICE FLOUR. ๐Ÿš

2. Once again, the whole weight of standard flour required, divide by 9 and multiply by 2 > use this weight of POTATO STARCH. ๐Ÿฅ”

3. Likewise, take the whole weight of standard flour required, divide by 9 > use this weight of TAPIOCA OR CORN STARCH. ๐ŸŒฝ


100 g of wheat flour = 67 g RICE FLOUR + 22 g POTATO STARCH + 11 g CORN STARCH

Can I use cups and still convert cake recipes into gluten-free?

This method works perfectly using metric system. If you only use cups, you need to use these proportions: 2 parts of rice flour, 2/3 part of potato starch and 1/3 part of tapioca or corn starch.

On the other hand, I always prefer to start from a recipe that is already gluten-free. This means it has been tested with those flours and it will be a success. Here some of my basic cake recipes you can follow:

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