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Spicy kiwi jam recipe


This spicy kiwi jam recipe comes together very quickly. It’s best solution when you have too many too ripe kiwi that would go wasted. The ingredients are intended to make one jar, just multiply for how much fruit you have.

An exotic green spread containing only kiwis, apple, lemon juice and sugar. To spice things up, I added some ginger powder (but you can use fresh ginger, too). This add-on makes the jam a bit spicy and ideal to pair with cheese!

Kiwi and a apple with half a lemon

Similarly, there are other spices you could add if you want to pair the kiwi jam with cheese. For example: crushed black pepper, curry powder, onion powder or garlic powder.

But whether you will choose the sweet or savory way, think about this recipe when you will have too many kiwis laying around.

Spicy kiwi jam

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  • 6 ripe kiwi

  • 1 medium size apple

  • half a lemon

  • a teaspoon of ginger powder (or grated fresh ginger)

  • 50 g brown sugar

How to

  • Discard kiwis’ skins and chop them down in cubes. Do the same with the apple, but keeping the skin this time.
  • Put the fruits in a pot, add the sugar and the ginger powder. Squeeze the lemon and mix everything. Let it rest for 1 hour covered.
  • Meanwhile, sterilize jar and lid: submerge jar and lid in a pot of simmering water for few minutes. Remove and let dry completely on a clean towel.
  • Bring kiwi mixture to a boil, lower the heat and simmer for 30 minutes.
  • Smash the fruit pieces with a spoon or blend it briefly.
  • Pour into the jar while still hot, then close the lid and rotate the jar to be upside down. Let it cool completely before moving. Then wait for 3 weeks before consuming.

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