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gluten-free and vegan bagel recipe

Gluten-free + vegan bagel

For the perfect weekend breakfast at home, also suitable for coeliacs, let’s make gluten-free and vegan bagels. A mix of naturally gluten-free flours is all […]

Sourdough gluten-free waffles

Gluten-free sourdough waffle

These gluten-free sourdough waffles are a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional waffles. These waffles are made with gluten-free flours, more specifically a blend of […]

Which flours are gluten-free? An explanation

Which flours are gluten-free?

In recent years, gluten-free flours are enjoying increasing success in the kitchen and not only for food needs related to celiac disease. To replace gluten-rich […]

Homemade gluten free gifts

Homemade Gluten-free gifts

Homemade gluten-free gifts are the perfect presents for your loved ones, family and friends (even for not gluten-free people, as nobody will notice the difference). […]